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The Network Buzz December - January 2014
(December 1, 2013)


DECEMBER 2013 - January 2014

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SWN President - Michelle Rezansoff, RE/MAX Saskatoon

Seasons Greetings!

We made it. A whole month of winter is behind us with Christmas just around the corner! I dare you to consider a new approach to winter - next time all you feel like doing is wrapping up in a blanket and settling in, embrace the season! Get out those ski pants, mitts, and toques and head out for a walk. Better yet, dust off the toboggan and head out for some sledding! You will come back home feeling refreshed and alive. Trust me, I tried it! No kids to go with you? No problem, you don't have to share the toboggan..... We have snow, might as well try to be friends with it!

Congratulations to Denise Kendrick and her committee for organizing a fantastic Vacation Dinner! I was amazed and inspired by the number of women who came together in large groups, and said they had been coming together for years as it was a tradition. Some even showed up in limousines! And the costumes? They were absolutely fantastic! I can't wait for the announcement of next year's theme!

Speaking of parties, the SWN Christmas Party is just around the corner on December 9th. Kristy and her committee have organized an 'Old Fashioned Christmas' for us at the Western Development Museum. Be sure to bundle up as there will be sleigh rides, a tour of Boomtown and scavenger hunt, a wonderful dinner, and a gift exchange. See the website for more details and to register (the last day to purchase tickets is December 4th).

At the last lunch, Shannon Richards announced an exciting change to the format of our breakfasts. Breakfasts will now be hosted by individuals or groups of members who can intimately showcase their business, products, or services at the venue of their choice. Contact Shannon or see the website for more details.

I would like to thank my Board of Directors for all of their hard work, creativity, and fresh ideas so far this networking year. I am grateful for having such a dynamic group of women to work with!

While enjoying the many festivities that happen at this time of year, be sure to embrace the opportunities to connect with friends and acquaintances, old and new. Take advantage of the 'free' advertising opportunities for your business or services when you ‘Be Where People Are'.

In closing, I leave you with this quote by W. Brett Wilson, Saskatchewan born entrepreneur and philanthropist:

'Money is important, but don't forget what makes life really worth living: family, friends, and health. Success is about passion guided by priorities'

Have a wonderful Holiday Season,

SWN Mission Statement: The Saskatoon Women's Network provides opportunities for its members to develop professional and personal goals through networking.

Registered Dietitian Steph Langdon of Something Nutrishus Counselling & Coaching recently worked with Allinger Consulting International and the Russian Freestyle Aerials team in Lake Placid, New York. She is also currently a Powered by Chocolate Milk spokesperson.

Thank you to the following people and businesses who have contributed to the success of the Saskatoon Women’s Network Fairy Tale Ball

Dawn Woroniuk – Saskatoon Media Group
Alesha Goodwin – Saskatoon StarPhoenix
Charlene Priel Global Saskatoon
Maureen Boa – TravelMasters Saskatoon
Denise Kendrick – La Casa Development
Joanne Kachur – MisterPrint/PrintWest
Deb Murdoch – TMG – The Mortgage Group
Caroline Laird – Saskatoon Prairieland Park
Cheryl Vickaryous – Barndog Productions
Denise Kendrick – Handy Special Events
Glenda Sauve – Delta Bessborough
Kim Brown – Grower Direct
Debbie Ross – Saskatoon Agri-Auto Parts
Debbie Yausie – Debbie Yausie, Certified General Accountant
Fred Dutka Rings N Things
Jeff Galon – Galon Insurance & Mortgage Brokers
Carolyn Schur – Associated Sleep Services
Christine McClintick – Salon 343
Shannon Richards – Infinite Zenergy & Holistic Health
Laura Dutka & Sarah Dutka – Paramount DaySpa Salon & Boutique
Cheri Uthe – Getting Social with Cheri
Wendy Peters – Artistic Expressions Photography
Roseline Hounjet – Hounjet Tastad Harpham
Dawn Wreford – Select Wines & Spirits
James Rolston – Living Sky Limousine
Michelle Rezansoff – RE/MAX Saskatoon

Name: Julie Ann Arthurs
Company: Redl World Class Kitchens

I am an Interior Design Technologist by trade and an account representative with Redl in Saskatoon. I meet with clients and walk in traffic. Once I begin working with a client I design their space, or with their designer, provide detailed quotes and drawings, accompanied by samples and colour boards for their project. I work directly with a client from when they walk in until their project is complete. 

What's on your iPod right now? And why?: I listen to all kinds of music but in the winter I tend to listen to more 90s grunge and alternative music. In the summer I like country.

What's your go-to outfit in a pinch? Please explain. I have a black halter top that looks great with jeans or leggings; heels or flats. If I’m in a hurry I can throw it on and walk out the door feeling great, or if I have a little more time I can dress it up and it’s still really comfortable

What is your "guilty pleasure" food? Chips. If you can fry something, cover it in salt and dip it in cream cheese, that’s my kind of snack.

Your dream job? I love what I do and I definitely want to stay in design, but I think eventually I would like to own my own company that builds or renovates homes.

One thing you never leave home without? A pen. Sometimes I end up with 6 or 7 of them in my purse because I grab one every time I walk out the door.

How do you take your coffee? Usually black.

Favorite book? Or book you are reading right now? Please explain. A book called Loving Frank by Nancy Horan. It’s a gripping love story about a very ambitious woman and her lover in the early 1900s. They risk their lives, and their careers for a forbidden love that eventually consumes them.

Celebrity crush? Russell Crowe will forever hold my heart

Name: Shannon Richards

Company: Infinite Zenergy Holistic Health – I am a Holistic Health Coach and self proclaimed “Wellness Warrior”. My role is to mentor, support and motivate others to cultivate positive health choices: from the food they eat and their relationships, to their purpose in the world and their spirituality.

What's on your iPod right now? And why? Christmas Music!! Because I am totally OCD about Christmas.

What's your go-to outfit in a pinch? Please explain This time of year, it is layers: my favourite jeans, a long sleeved shirt, black blazer and an obnoxiously bright scarf.

What is your "guilty pleasure" food? I love chocolate, it is a food group! I also love tarts, pies, pastries. Unfortunately they have too much trans fat!

Your dream job? I’ve got my dream job! The flexibility to work anywhere in the world (so long as I have access to the internet) and helping people live more full lives by increasing their energy and vitality, while helping them reach their wellness goals.

One thing you never leave home without? My iPhone

How do you take your coffee? Down the drain! Lol I don’t drink coffee.

Favorite book? Or book you are reading right now? Please explain I recently reread "Start Something That Matters" by Blake Mycoskie. I know that a major key to my creativity, success, and mindset is dependent on how I am fuelling my thoughts, so I figured it was the right time to devour something really special. I am embarking on some exciting new projects this winter, and I know this added inspiration and guidance will keep me on track. My future is so darn bright, I can hardly contain myself!

Celebrity crush? Ryan Gosling he’s so dreamy...

Name: Cheri Uthe

Company: Owner/operator of Faith Productions and Getting Social With Cheri

What's on your iPod right now? And why?
Serena Ryder, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, some old country thrown in for good measure ! But I am currently enchanted with Songza, an app that streams music according to your mood and activity.

What's your go-to outfit in a pinch? Please explain. A dress is always the simplest solution. I have a plain grey sheath that can be dressed up or down, add assorted boots/jewelry/tights/scarves/jackets!

What is your "guilty pleasure" food? I absolutely love pastries. Give me a Danish or a doughnut over pizza or chocolate any day :-)

Your dream job? I think traveling the world and writing about your experiences, the food and the accommodations would rock! Living it up and getting paid to do it!

One thing you never leave home without? Definitely my iphone. But I’m starting to take my ipad everywhere too now. I’m totally addicted to my gadgets.

How do you take your coffee? With a pastry of course! No, I’m actually a tea drinker. And then it depends on my mood. Sometimes green. Sometimes herbal. Sometimes Red Rose. Sometimes sugar. Sometimes cream. Very unpredictable lol.

Favorite book? Or book you are reading right now? Please explain
One of my favorite books is written by Mitch Albom. It’s called The Five People You Meet in Heaven. I am fascinated by different interpretations and ideas that people have regarding where we go when we die. In this book, “heaven is not a location but a place in which your life is explained to you by five people who were in, who affected, or were affected by, your life”. Mitch Albom now has a new novel called “The First Phone Call from Heaven” which I’m really looking forward to reading.

Celebrity crush? Can I have two? Always loved Ed Harris. And of course tall, dark and handsome All American hottie Ben Affleck.

Name: Sarah Dutka

Company: Paramount DaySpa Salon & Boutique Sales Director

What's on your iPod right now? And why?
Anything I can dance to or that I can sing at the top of my lungs in the car. Adele, Brittany Spears, Dead Mouse, Pink, Rhianna, Beyonce, David Guetta

What's your go-to outfit in a pinch? Please explain. Depends where I’m going. Work: My Lisette Pants Outside of work: My Kut Jeans Both have great style and are super comfortable!

What is your "guilty pleasure" food? Ketchup Chips

Your dream job? I don’t have a dream job, but I always thought it would be fun to teach aerobics or get more into fitness. I may have to give up chips though…

One thing you never leave home without? My Phone

How do you take your coffee? Black

Favorite book? Or book you are reading right now? Please explain
Fifty Shades of Grey… Did I say that out loud?

Celebrity crush? Jake Gyllenhaal & Ryan Gosling 

Kecia Batting Parktown Hotel  
April Doherty April Doherty Photogtaphy
Jacqueline Howie  Spaces Simplified 
Shawna Jardine  University of Saskatchewan 
Iv-Lee Kane  Jean's Jewels Inc. - Park Lane Jewellery
TJ Keller  
Lalaine Pascual  Computer Troubleshooters
Ashton Prescott  At your Service Concierge
Valerie Sutton Sun Ridge Group

Together We Are Better

By Wendy Perry - DLC North Star Mortgages

Every month the SWN board members meet to create the best experience for all of our members in the months ahead. Our November meeting found us in a planning phase for 2014 where an idea developed to offer the monthly breakfast meeting to a member to host. Imagine the possibilities to invite our membership to your shop, office or a local favourite dining spot….even your own backyard! We can learn more about each other and emphasize our vision statement.

“…to provide opportunities to develop professional and personal goals through networking…”

Look at your marketing plans for the upcoming year, open your imagination and talk to your friends and SWN partners to create a breakfast experience where everyone will know your name. Book your date with the SWN Program Chair, Shannon Richards.

It is my mandate as the vice president of the SWN to develop our brand in the community and build our membership. We are connecting with other women’s groups to collect best practices and have developed a survey system to identify why our members are drawn to this organization and what would make it better. We will also continue to talk to women who are not part of the group or who have left the group to discover their needs. Judy Wilson as Membership Director is a great role model for all of us as she welcomes and encourages our newest members, but we can all participate, volunteer and share ideas for the benefit of all in business and friendship.

Today I have three questions for you…

  1. How can your SWN membership offer more value to you?
  2. Do you reach out to meet our newest members and guest regularly…if so how?
  3. How have you contributed to your own networking success?

Please forward your comments or questions to vicepresident@swnsaskatoon.com
Our entire board is dedicated to creating a vibrant and successful network of women to meet our vision. Please let us know what will make this membership the most valuable tool for you.

I am really looking forward to sharing breakfast at your place …..soon.

Wendy Perry 



If you have expertize, information, tips, or want to share an article with the membership please submit an article 300 to 500 words to newsletter@swnsaskatoon.com.

The article must not be an advertisement, though.

You do get a byline with your company name.

We can use more than one article in an issue so all articles will be published!


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